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To dance the Bamba

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Wordy Wednesday Prompt - I can't believe it
Write or Die Wednesday Prompt - Loneliness at Mia's and Vashelle's

They say every event that occurs in our lives is an opportunity to know God and adversity is often a catalyst for a spiritual awakening. It is often hard to make sense of why events occur but once we make peace with our lives and learn to let go, we create the circumstances for new and wonderful experiences to enter.

Often new experiences are preceded by a period of loneliness. Moments when we have felt completely alone in this world, when sadness and despair has taken over, when you've felt a sense of abandonment. But these moments are our opportunity to go within ourselves, to learn about ourselves, to understand what we really want in life, to heal ourselves, to make peace with ourselves, and eventually having found our real selves, to appreciate what comes our way.  We each find different ways to deal with our loneliness and sometimes the Universe just gives us a little helping hand.

This is Dan and Elaine's story where Universal forces created seemingly everyday events that have deep spiritual significances that are beyond human comprehension. 

Note that this story is pure fiction.

Dan and Elaine sat reminiscing about the events that brought them together particularly the words that Marie and Chantelle had said to them. "I can't believe it"  they said together. "How did that happen?"  

Twelve years had passed since the day Dan's world came crashing down. Marcia had breathed her last after a long and crippling illness. He had taken care of her during her illness and after her death he had cared for his three teenage children. He was a good father and they loved him dearly. But he had put his life on hold and he clung to his memories of  Marcia. He would not let go of the past and he didn't want to. He made the memories his reality.

Dan was an accountant with a successful career and on the side he played in a band. Music was his first love and the guitar had been his constant companion since childhood. Music gave him relief during Marcia's illness and after her death it gave him solace during those lonely spells. He was eternally grateful to his childhood friend Tim for introducing him to the band. And what appealed the most to Dan was that any profit that the band made, they donated to a charity.

Tim was a psychiatrist and knew that Dan needed an outlet, something to take his mind off the difficult times if only for a few hours each week. The band had definitely helped Dan but Tim now he felt it was time for Dan to let go of the past and move on. Tim had specialised in hypnotherapy and was an advocate of past life connections in healing trauma. He was keen to try it with Dan. Reluctantly Dan agreed. But what he discovered astonished him.

Dan would arrive into this world along with Marcia, someone called Dave and another woman whose name and face would not be revealed. There was a possibility that Dave would leave this world early and should that happen, Marcia would leave too making way for Dan and this woman to meet up. And Tim would play a part in bringing them together. Dan and Dave were two aspects of the same soul and this unknown woman was their spiritual soulmate. They had shared many lives together and were here to complete past life work.

Dan was uneasy, agitated and angry as he had loved Marcia dearly and they had shared a beautiful life and bond. "Why did Marcia have to die? What sense did that make?  I don't understand this spiritual connection and I don't want it" Dan said to Tim.

Tim was upset. This was not the outcome he had expected. He wanted Dan to move on not cling to the past. But Dan was adamant and any suggestion of the new woman made Dan cling even more tightly to the memory of Marcia.  So Tim tried one last attempt. Tim arranged for his psychic friend to drop by for dinner. Perhaps Marie could help Dan.

It was a pleasant dinner. Marie made Dan feel at ease but contrary to what Tim thought, Marie did not relay any messages. Then as she was leaving she turned to Dan and said, remember a glass of wine and to dance the Bamba. It seemed like a pretty ordinary remark and Dan thought nothing of it. Tim was disappointed that nothing really came through for Dan, but at least Dan had enjoyed the evening and for the first time he saw Dan's face soften and relax.


On the other side of town, Elaine sat in front of her computer, headphones on, scrolling through her facebook news feed. The strains of the La Bamba filtered through and she rocked to the beat. The La Bamba was one of her favourite songs. And as she rocked, she belted out the words.

Eight years ago Elaine's world had turned upside down. Unsuspecting of anything, Gerry's sudden decision to divorce shattered her completely. She went through the stages of disbelief, denial, anger, hatred, revenge, sadness, and finally acceptance. She tried to make sense of the event. She closed the doors to the world and wallowed in her loneliness. She had been wronged and she had a right to didn't she?

But after years of searching for answers and unable to find any, Elaine concluded that life is just the way it is meant to be. Wallowing in loneliness and being angry with the world had become tiresome. She therefore finally let go and surrendered to the all knowing Universe and thereby made peace with her past.

She had just started enjoying life the way it was but her friend Vivienne was worried about her. "We all need someone to share life with" she would often tell Elaine. "You need to make some attempt to find someone after all Gerry has and he won't be coming back".  But Elaine was adamant. "I am at peace with my life Vivienne and he would have to be someone pretty darn spectacular for me to allow him to shatter my peace" she would reply.

Sometimes songs have this sneaky habit of just going around and around in your head like a stuck record. The La Bamba played on continuous replay in Elaine's head. She didn't mind. The La Bamba was such an awesome song and it took her back to the days when she and young Dave had danced to its catchy strains at the school prom.

That was such a long time ago but thinking of Dave always made her feel happy. He was intelligent, kind, sweet and so handsome. His dark hair and dark eyes mesmerised her. He was also captain of the basketball team and it was just such a thrill to see him on the court. Dave was the ultimate chocolate boy and made her heart beat faster. Then Dave left school and their paths never crossed again. Few years later she heard about his tragic death.

The La Bamba transported her back to a time when life was fun and love was innocent and sweet and there might have been a chance of a life with Dave.

Vivienne was a psychic junkie. She lived her life on the ramblings of her psychic friend Chantelle and strangely enough all that Chantelle said to her was pretty accurate and the future did turn out the way she foresaw. Or perhaps a thought planted in one's head starts to take shape. Whatever, it was always good for Vivienne.

Vivienne begged Elaine to visit Chantelle. "Do it for fun if nothing else" she cajoled and eventually Elaine agreed. Very apprehensive and a little afraid, Elaine didn't know what to expect but Chantelle was lovely and soon Elaine let down her defences and started to relax.

Elaine's eyes widened in astonishment as Chantelle started speaking. "Dave says that unfortunately he had to go as his body was so badly injured in the accident, it could no longer sustain a human existence. But he'll be there for you when you dance the Bamba. He's on his knees as he says that" she giggled. Elaine was puzzled, perhaps she meant he had danced the Bamba with her and this was Dave's way of proving it was really him.

It was Dan's birthday and as they did every year, Tim, his wife Karen and Dan went to their favourite pub for a nice meal.  It was Dan's turn to buy the next round so he went off to the counter.

A few tables away Elaine was enjoying an evening with her friends. Pubs were not her scene and her energy was draining fast. The music and the buzz in the room was getting louder and she knew that if she had to stay a while longer, she would need some fresh air. She got up and moved towards the balcony.

Dan turned from the counter wine glasses in hand. He didn't see Elaine suddenly emerge and crashed into her. Red wine dripped down his shirt. Elaine was flustered and embarrassed. She grabbed some serviettes from the counter to mop up the wine all the while muttering an apology. Dan stood still a smile crossed his face and his eyes fixed on the flustered Elaine.

She was so different from Marcia. Tall, slender, blonde hair, blue eyes, Marcia had been stunningly beautiful. Elaine on the other hand had dark hair and eyes, short and slightly plump, perhaps you could call her cute. But as he took her hand in his, something hit him like a thunderbolt. "It's only a shirt and I will survive this attack" he said with a sweet smile.

Elaine moved away quickly. His bright blue eyes, dark brown hair, his smile and the touch of his hands unnerved her. She went back to the table still agitated and confused.

Dan couldn't take his eyes off her. He constantly looked around to catch her eye. Karen and Tim noticed Dan was distracted. Then Karen saw Elaine. Marie's words came to mind - a glass of wine! "Danny, I know her we used to work together until recently" said Karen. But before Karen could reach Elaine, she had left.

Try as hard as he could, Dan could not stop thinking of Elaine and Karen and Tim were eager to help. Karen cautioned Dan that Elaine wasn't the type to go out with strangers so she arranged a meeting at home. Elaine thought it odd that Karen would suddenly invite her but other than that she didn't suspect a thing. Nevertheless she did ask if she could bring a friend.

As Elaine entered the room she caught sight of Dan. "Oh no, let's go let's go" she said to Vivienne, but Karen was too quick for her and she couldn't escape. Dan came to her side and was quickly introduced to Elaine. "We've met you know, you coloured my white shirt with the red wine" he said with a chuckle. Elaine stood still, quiet and embarrassed. But Vivienne was quick to assess Dan's interest and was eager to bring the two together.

Karen offered to show them her house. Vivienne declined and as Elaine wandered off with Karen, she approached Dan and Tim. Dan confirmed his interest in Elaine. "She will run a mile if you approach her directly" she warned. "The way to her is through her friends with baby steps" she advised.

Dan was quite the opposite of what Elaine found attractive. Blue eyes, dark brown longish hair, rugged looks were definitely not her thing. But Elaine was warming to Dan. She liked his easy going nature and he was sweet and kind. She felt safe with him and he made her laugh. They also shared the same spiritual beliefs and both were keen to pursue something in helping humanity. And most strangely she felt at peace with him. There was something about Dan that felt familiar.

So many friendly coffee catch ups and dinners later with Tim, Karen and Vivienne in tow, Vivienne suggested Dan should let her know he liked her, ask her on a friendly date, something that would make her feel safe and not pressured.

The band were doing a gig at a fair in the neighbouring town on Saturday. Perhaps that would be the "date" he could take Elaine along to. Tim would be there too and that would be reassuring for Elaine. Dan and Tim would be performing first just after sunset so once their gig was over they would return. He promised he would drop Elaine off well before midnight.

Dan was not only lead guitarist but also their lead singer. Dan had been thinking all week of the songs they would sing. He wanted one special song for Elaine and there seemed to be one song that came to mind again and again. Dan decided that would be the song.

It was a beautiful evening. Warm with a slight breeze. Dan, Tim and the rest of the band came on stage. Elaine felt a shiver of excitement run up and down her spine.  It was time for Dan's last song. "This is a special song for a very special lady. It's one of my favourites and I hope she'll like it too" he said.

Then Dan started belting out the La Bamba. He jumped down from the stage in front of Elaine and they danced as he sang.

Para bailar la bamba                               To dance the bamba
Para bailar la bamba                               To dance the bamba
Se necesita una poca de gracia             You need a little grace
Una poca de gracia                                   A little grace
Para mí, para ti                                          For me, for you
Ay, arriba y arriba                                    Ah higher and higher
Ay, arriba y arriba                                    Ah higher and higher

Por ti seré, por ti seré, por ti sere        I’ll be for you, I’ll be for you, I’ll be for you

Yo no soy mariner                                        I’m not a sailor
Yo no soy mariner                                        I’m not a sailor
Soy capitán, soy capitán, soy capitán      I’m a captain, I’m a captain, I’m a captain
Bamba, bamba                 
Bamba, bamba
Bamba, bamba, bamba

Dan was on his knees as he sang "Por ti seré, por ti seré, por ti sere" 

It was at that very moment that Elaine looked into Dan's blue eyes, his dark brown hair blowing in the breeze, his white shirt billowing, his sleeves rolled up, his blue jeans showing every sinewy muscle. Chantelle's words suddenly came to mind. She knew right then that Dave was looking back at her and her heart went out to Dan.

The wedding was beautiful. Dan and Elaine had a wonderful time. And high up in the heavens Dave and Marcia smiled and clapped as they watched them dance to the beat of the La Bamba. 

Warm Regards

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  1. Greats story, Suzy and thanks for sharing it with us. I don't believe in the immortal souls because I think the dead are resting until the end of this life but I also recognize that we don't know everything about this world and that some things that happen are not happy accidents but part of a divine plan.
    Do you publish your work otherwise?
    I am going to follow your blog now and I'll keep reading for more of your thoughts. I hope you'll do the same. Thanks 😀

    1. Thanks Karen. Glad you liked my story. No I don't publish my work elsewhere though I hope someday I can publish a book. Thanks for following my blog. Will drop by yours too.

  2. Oh wow quite an unexpected story. But I do believe that if one loves just enough, they can be immortal :)

    1. Thanks Soumya. As Shakespeare very wisely said "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

  3. Beautiful story! I'm not sure why, but I started getting a bit teary eyed at the end. I know it's fictitious, but the idea of Dave and Marcia looking down on Dan and Elaine strikes a nerve. I always love to think that the afterlife IS INDEED a place of such innocent and pure love that we only want what's best for those we love, without the negative feelings we feel on this plane (jealousy, selfishness, resentment, etc.).

    Thank you for sharing this with us for #WODW! I hope you will join us again! :)


    1. Thanks Shelly. Glad you liked my story. I truly believe that the afterlife is a place of pure love and there are no feelings of jealousy etc there.

  4. Great story Suzy.. emotional too.. I agree that music and dance can actually help us overcome loneliness.

    1. Thanks Mahathi. Music and dance are some of the ways to overcome loneliness.

  5. I love this story Suzy! I want it to be whole book so could ya' work on that please??? This kind of reading I could read all day because I believe in the possibilities of everything! Really a great story.

    1. Thanks Angel Stew. I don't know if I could write a whole book. I'm glad you liked my story.

  6. Such a great story! I really like the way that Dan & Elaine found each other.

    1. Thanks Amy. Glad you liked my story. That meeting was just going around in my head for months so had to write a story about it.

  7. Beautiful Suzy! You created such a setting and touching emotions with this piece. You should definitely wrote more fiction. You have such a flow!

    1. Thanks Aditi. I'm so glad you could connect with my writing. Will definitely keep trying to write these.

  8. Wow, this story blew me away, Suzy. I love that they were able to find love in the end. :) Thank you for sharing this and for linking up with us for WODW.

    1. Thanks Mia. So glad you liked it. I love happy endings.


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