Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Me Time

There are all kinds of days occurring - Compassion Day, Women's Day, Compliments Day and now to add to that list March 16 was #MeDay, a day for just me to spend as I want by myself.

Now if March 15 had Me Day and if I would've written my post then, I would have ended up with a completely different post full of me.

But yesterday was a sad day. My dear aunt passed away after suffering Alzheimer's for about 7 years.  Me day takes on a different meaning and losing someone so dear to us highlights that it is people who make my life worthwhile and happy,

So while I enjoy time meditating, blogging, doing the things I like doing, I think for me the best moments of my time are also spent with people around me. Does that sound strange?  It isn't for me.  I like to have my family around me. They don't disturb me when I'm doing my things, but having them around makes me feel good.

I don't crave for a Me day or Me time.  I like having my people around me.

And if I really really want some time to myself, my ipod and the music can take me into a different world.   But I don't need to shut myself away, I can do that even with my people around me.

So how would you describe your Me time?

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  1. I'm so sorry about your aunt.

    I do need alone time, though I often don't get it. Or, I do get the alone time, but I have to fill it with work. I don't get many days where the whole thing is entirely my own.

  2. My me time, is usually the morning walk, and the quiet time I sit in the park practising meditation, deep breathing,praying and practising affirmation.


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