Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Personal Journey with Music

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words 8th - 14th December 2013

So today's personal journey is with "Music"

My new ipod has "Music, food for the soul" engraved on it and that sums up my love for music and what I think and feel about it. My soul pretty much cannot live without music.

I was 2 years old when I learned my first song and from then on I went to sing at competitions but my love affair with music truly started in 1972 when my brother gave me Donny Osmond's Too Young Album for my birthday. I had this little red portable record player that I carried around everywhere and I think I drove everyone mad as I played it over and over again.

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And Donny Osmond - oh my those Puppy Love years were so much fun. I had this big life size poster of Donny above my bed and I would gaze at it first thing in the morning and before I went to bed. And I always had a skip in my step because of that. Of course back in India in those days, there was no chance of Donny ever visiting to do a concert so magazines, posters, records and the radio were my only link to him.

But when you dream big and wish with all your heart and soul, then wishes and dreams do come true (even if that's 34 years later). And in 2006 I had the pleasure of attending a Donny concert in Wellington. Believe me when I say that I was 13 again that day.

So here's a song that soothes my soul, that brings me joy, that takes me back in time and makes me young again.

Donny sings Puppy Love many many years later

I will love this song forever as Donny held my hand for a fleeting moment in time at that concert while he sang Puppy Love. He wore similar clothes too and looked just like that. Sigh!

Join me tomorrow on my next journey with  some Travels

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Enjoy a song or two and have a joyful day.

Warm Regards
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  1. Seems even while writing this you had transported back in time!! Lovely n cute post! :)

  2. Wow!! I can imagine the happiness of seeing your idol live in front of you after so many years!! Truly awesome, it must have been. And thanks for linking my post here, Suzy. Touched :)

  3. that was wonderful,nice song I have listened it first time

  4. Suzi this is a very nice composition. Loved it.

  5. Love the composition. And yes, meeting your idol, no matter how later in life, is one to be etched in our memories :)

  6. Oh, yes, I remember Donny, even though I was only about 4 at the time. He was all the rage and my guitarist father loved him then! Thanks for sharing, Suzy!

  7. Happy that u finally get to see Donny:)

  8. Again a beautiful little post. It must be so much fun to see Donny after years.

  9. OMG !! this song is so awesome... see this is music!! not what we get nowadays... and I loved the statement on dreams coming true if you wish hard enough...

  10. Meeting your musical idol transformed you again to a 13 yr old. Music has the charm, charisma and capability
    to go beyond the ordinary.

  11. So you finally did get to meet your idol.. How fortunate is that! Loved the post.

  12. What fun getting to see Donny Osmond live after all those years of gazing at his poster. I enjoyed your post and it brought back fun memories for me, too. I had a Donny Osmond poster on my wall when I was a teen. I used to love watching the Donny and Marie show even though it was pretty lame at times. I also admired Marie and wrote her a fan letter which she never replied to. HMPH! I'm still holding a grudge about that!!

  13. How exciting that you got to see Donny live and have him sing you "Puppy Love"! I named one of my dogs Puppy Love after that song and if I start singing it , the dog comes running. ♥

  14. Ha ha ha for me it was the Jackson 5! You certainly took me back down memory lane. Nice stroll.

  15. wow... i loved the video... didn't know about Donny earlier... your post has me smiling now..

  16. Seeing iyour idol in real is obviously a dream come true. Loved reading this :)

  17. This was sooo touching Suzy.. I could feel what was on your mind :)

  18. Engraved on ipod? Can we get that done? Didn't know really! And yes his eyes look soo dreamy :D


    1. Hi Richa, the NZ apple online shop offers free engraving . Don't know if you can get it anywhere else.

  19. Dreams do come true, if you wish with all your heart and soul - So true. Lovely post.

  20. smiling… remembering listening to the Osmond's!


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