Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blogfest - Vacation Happiness or Headache?

 Toni Lynn Ferro-Cloutier is the host of this prompt for Blogfest 2012

I love travelling and have been blessed to visit so many beautiful places in the world. I have travelled across the US, UK, Europe, a lot of Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

For me travel vacations are definitely happiness with a capital H. But living down under in New Zealand means that other than getting to Australia and some Pacific Islands, I have to travel long distances and that is definitely a headache. But always worth it in the end.

Over the years my idea of vacations has changed. Previously it was about the place, the thrill of seeing something new. Now it's all about the people. I vacation to visit my near and dear ones.

My favourite vacations now are in my beloved hometown Mumbai. I absolutely love it there. Amid the chaos, confusion, noise, pollution, dirt, smell ... I find my soul and it rejoices.

Here are some pics of my beloved Mumbai taken on my various visits there.

 Taj Mahal Hotel and Gateway of India
 Air India Building and Oberoi Hotel (don't know what it's called now, I know it as the Oberoi)

 Mantralaya - Administrative headquarters of the state of Maharashtra

 Marine Drive

Palm trees at the Otters Club

 Rajabai Tower

Sunset from Joggers Park

Happy Vacations whenever and wherever you go.

Warm Regards


  1. Wow so many great pics of all these places!! Lucky you get to travel. I haven't traveled far, maybe one day!

    Cheers, Jenn

    1. Thanks Jenn. I hope someday you will also get to visit many places.

  2. Hello Suzy. I love your photos, especially the glorious sunset. I would love to visit Mumbai but I think it would be a little scary. I love to travel always.

    1. Thanks Denise. The sunset is one of my favourite pics too. I hope someday you will get a chance to visit my beautiful hometown.


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