Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blogfest - Monster Mash

Daphne Steinberg is the host of this prompt for Blogfest 2012

At first I really wasn't sure of how to tackle this prompt or what it really meant.  And I think everyone came up with a different take on it. So in typical Libra fashion I came up with different interpretations, pondered, procrastinated, argued about each in my head and then decided to take the literal view of "Monster" - foods that are for me complete monsters. 

And so here it is my take on the prompt.

For food to be delicious one has to engage all the senses - the aroma, the look, the taste, and the feel of it - they all have to mesh together beautifully like a symphony.

So on that basis I thought of the foods that totally put me off - I simply cannot eat these.

Here they are:

Fish dishes with eyes staring and open mouths - this puts me off completely. Lobster and crab dishes - they are just too creepy to eat. You can probably tell I'm not a seafood person.

When I was at school, we had the facility of hot lunches catered by the Bombay Gymkhana. The rice and pickle day was the worst day of the week for me. Right in the middle of my rice, they would put a blob of the most awful looking and tasting sweet pickle - put me off sweet pickle for the rest of my life.

Durian and Jackfruit - there is something extremely peculiar about the taste and smell of these. Definitely an acquired taste - one I haven't acquired yet. A story about the durian. Many years ago when I was little we were visiting my grandparents in Singapore and my brother and I got these coupons for free ice creams. How awesome ... NOT. The two of us gleefully walked to the ice cream stand to find that the only flavour we could get for free was durian! Talk about disappointment - this was it, and durian ice cream - just cruel.

Happy eating

Warm Regards

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