Sunday, July 15, 2018

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I was a chubby, timid and shy child. At school I was quiet and academic and I was teased a lot. In some ways it undermined my confidence.

It takes a lot for me to take that first step into new waters. Probably at the back of my mind is the fear of being ridiculed. So when I decided to start vlogging it wasn't an overnight thing. It took months for me to take that leap of faith.

But now that I've done it, I'm truly enjoying it.

Courage is the ability to take a step without worrying about the outcome. So for those who are interested in vlogging, but are afraid to take the first step, just do it.

And now grab a cuppa and join me today on a glimpse of a little sand and surf.

 on my youtube channel: 

Sadly we didn't see Matariki the whale but there are a lot of youtube videos that you can check out. Matariki put up a spectacular show for those lucky enough to see him - displaying all whale character traits. Matariki got his name from the Maori New Year (Matariki) as his arrival coincided with that.

My friend and I went out on two different days but didn't get to see him. I guess we were not meant to. But I hope he will return or send his friends into the beautiful waters of Wellington.

I hope you enjoyed today's video. I will post some more scenic footage in the next few weeks.

Until then, have an awesome week.

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  1. I'm glad you had the courage to start vlogging. I enjoy watching them and I find them so enjoyable to make.
    It's a shame you missed Matariki, but there was still some beautiful things to see.

    1. Thanks Becky. I am also enjoying the vlogging experience. I watch your vlogs too.

  2. It's so wonderful to these beautiful glimpses of New Zealand. Loved the music you have added. Sounds like fun :)

  3. So nice to see your vlogs, Suzy. You're giving me courage to launch my own too.
    Such a beautiful coast line!

    1. Thanks Corinne Will look forward to yours.

  4. Such a beautiful video, Suzy! Thank you for sharing your voice and your vision.

    SSG xxx

  5. What a great video and I like how you are sharing what you see and do via this medium. Whales! We usually see them off the coast near where we live now..not this year (yet)
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 29/52. Next week's optional prompt is Share Your Snaps. Denyse

    1. Thanks Denyse. Oh how wonderful to see the whales. I'm hoping another will come into our harbour soon. Will join in to your lovely linky.

  6. Great vlog! And I love chai so, I actually had a chai with you right now as I watched. #teamlovinlife

    1. Thanks Leanne. Aha another chai lover. Glad you grabbed your cuppa and watched

  7. Loving your vlogs, Suzy! It is such a beautiful coastline...I've never done whale watching and it is definitely on my bucket list.

    1. Thanks Esha. Glad you are enjoying my vlogs.

  8. Completely with you on taking the first step without thinking about the outcome. What might seem simple for others might be a big deal for us, so glad that you overcame your inhibitions and started vlogging. You have a beautiful voice :-) Also, whale watching is on my bucket list now that i’m In the Land of Oz :-)

    1. Thanks Ashwini for your very nice comment. I hope you do get to see some whales.

  9. If it doesn't scare you, it won't change you. I totally agree that with courage we can open up so many things :)
    That was a beautiful video and very professionally done too. Good job!

    1. Thanks Parul. Glad you liked my video. As they say, fortune favours the bold.

  10. It's the first step that's difficult, always. But once it's been taken, we realize that all our fears and misgivings were so unfounded. Glad you took the plunge and are enjoying vlogging. Hope you get to see Matariki next time. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your lovely country!


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