Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017 #FridayReflections #WOTY

Today is the last day of 2016 and here in New Zealand in less than an hour we will clock over to 2017.

So how was my 2016?

All in all it wasn't a bad year. Work wise it was an extremely busy year. I like being busy but I hope that in 2017 I find more time to do the things I want to do.

My writing took a backseat this year and though I did post fairly regularly, the satisfaction of having done well isn't there. Don't know why, but I just felt my writing was too fragmented. I seem to be catching up rather than planning well and a little too much free writing (probably because I was always trying to catch up). I also feel my writing needs to take on a new direction. Let's see what 2017 brings forth.

My word for 2016 was "Creative" and though I didn't do too well on the writing front, my other creative pursuits like mixed media and crafting brought me great joy. I will definitely keep up with that in 2017.

And I did a little travelling too.  Spent Christmas in Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand. Such a lovely place. Will write some more on that in another post.

What's my word for 2017? 

Creative came to me so easily as my word for 2016. But my word for 2017 seemed so elusive. I thought of a few - focus, persevere, enjoy. But none of them seemed to resonate. I thought I might have to go with no word this year as nothing was coming to mind. That unfortunately made me very uncomfortable. Words have a way of forging a path so I was determined to find one.

Then a couple of hours ago, I stumbled upon a video on Mozart. Prior to that I sent up a prayer and asked for a word. And as I listened to Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G minor, the word andante came flashing into my mind and would not leave.

So having looked up the meaning of andante "music tempo - at a walking pace" I decided that it was really the perfect word for 2017. 

Andante for me means, in general, slowing down the pace of life. 2016 seemed to fly by and I felt I didn't really savour the moments. Andante also signifies exercising but not at a crazy pace that puts my back out and perhaps I will pursue my desire to learn a musical instrument. On the writing front I hope I will not have to rush things and do some focussed writing.

So let's see how Andante unfolds for me.

What's your word for 2017?  Write a post or share in the comments

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. May 2017 bring you good health, success, prosperity, peace, joy and love.

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  1. What a wonderful word, Suzy. Remember the ABBA song, 'Andante, Andante'? It was one of their better ones, in my opinion.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2017 of taking it slow and easy.

    1. Thanks Corinne and thanks for reminding me of that awesome song - I'll make it my theme song for the year too. Wishing you tons of happiness and great success in 2017.

  2. Ooh I do like that word Suzy! I hope you have a wonderful year at a relaxed pace for you!

    1. Thanks Sanch. Wishing you an awesome 2017

  3. Suzy, I love your choice of word! How wonderful! Wishing you a very Happy New Year and a relaxed and restful 2017.

  4. A very happy new year to you, Suzy. Love your word for the year. Interesting interpretation , something that I like and want in my life too. I don't have a word for the year but if I had to choose one it would have to be prioritize, I guess.

  5. That is indeed a lovely word, a new one I learned today. Makes perfect sense too to slow down one's pace and relish everything. I don't know if my comments on your earlier posts made it through as I was commenting via my mobile. I have enjoyed reading your posts through 2016 and despite what you may feel, I really loved all of them. Looking forward to reading you through 2017 and wishing you an Andante year ahead!

  6. Lovely choice of word. I can relate to your post because even I feel that in 2016 I lost focus on my writing front. I was also trying to catch up and hence the writing was never something I felt good about. My word for 2017 is peace. I wish to take one thing at a time instead of getting into the same multitasking mode and not finishing most of the things. A Very Happy New Year to you, Suzy!

  7. Oh, that is such a beautiful word. Mine is Happiness. I have decided to do things that make me happy. Live the moment. We are all so busy running and trying to win the race right? We probably missed what we wanted while we were.running because our vision was too blurred by running.
    I hope you have a great year Suzy! Happy new year. 😊

  8. That's such an unusual word. Isn't it strange how somethings just fit in perfectly with our plans? I am glad you waited till you found the perfect word. Good luck for 2017 Suzy.

  9. Hahah - like Corinne- Abbas Andante Andante immediately came to my mind. Lovely word, and inspiring too. Its a beautiful word, with a soothing feeling, I think. All the best for 2017 dear Suzy:-)

  10. O that's a great word you picked for the new year, Suzy! Here's wishing you a relaxed leisurely pace of life in the months to come, so that you may enjoy all that the universe has to offer, savour all the moments and cherish all the joyful experiences.

  11. Love the word Suzy! Creative! This is really a wonderful way of starting a year. Creativity is truly inspiring. Wish you a very happy New Year!

  12. Good word indeed - slowing down, savoring life at each moment, taking time to live to the fullest sans the rush and the madness - it is definitely worth it.....Wish you a very Happy New Year Suzy....

  13. I love that word - it's not your usual word and it sings - my word is determination, and I thank you (better late than never, I suppose) for mentioning my blog. Alana

  14. Now that has made me curious. Off to YouTube to hear the music tempo - at a walking pace :-)

  15. I love your word for the year "Andante". That is brilliant to use a musical term. Never thought of doing that. Now I'm fired up to find a word as great as that one. I am trying to get going with the blogging again after neglecting it since August. Nice to be in touch with Blogging friends once again. Happy Andante 2017, Suzy!

  16. Such a musical and lyrical word with "Andante" - with that word, you're going to have a lovely song for 2017.

    My word for is Minamalism after being inspired by the Netflix documentary.

  17. My word is "determination" but your word fits into some of my determinations for 2017 as far as my developmentally disabled brother in law. Sometimes our efforts to obtain services for him seem so slow, but I have to remember - walking and not running can have many benefits - it will come, things just take time. The Unknown Journey Ahead -

  18. I hope you enjoy your Andante year as much as I loved my Slow 2016! I love your "Words have a way of forging a path so I was determined to find one." Won't it be lovely to look back at this time next year and see what Andante taught you! If you care to read..

  19. That is what 2016 has been like for me too - blogging wise. I felt like I was forever playing catch up instead of planning ahead. Hoping that this changes in 2017 - for you and for me. Wishing you a great year ahead. :)


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