Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where do I exist?

I often wonder if I exist in another Universe or perhaps even in multiple Universes.

Do I have the same life but at a different points in time in different places - perhaps this is how past present and future exist simultaneously. Or are these lives completely different?

That sense of deja vu that we have now and then, you know that moment when you feel history is repeating itself - what is that - a past life or this one but from another time and place?

And now I am wondering how these crazy thoughts came into my mind. Is me from another place reaching out to me?

Something to ponder over:

If you don't realize a deja vu, you have to realize you're creating a deja vu” 
― Nusam Wele Ama Ina

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  1. I have has the same feeling at different times.It's like I exist here and some where else simultaneously..Or that I have lived through this already! I guess it's normal, sometimes the minds goes into a thinking overdrive

  2. I love thinking about how I would be in a different universe. Strangely the feeling of Deja vu has long stopped for me. I don't know why, but it's been ages since I had a feeling of deja vu. I miss it.

  3. Stephen Hawking just used string theory as a source of comfort: that in another world you are living this very same but very different life, perhaps with people you currently miss in this world.

  4. I wonder about this at times, too. Plus I get deja vu once in a while. I have never correlated the two, though until now that you mentioned it.

  5. I love to ponder these thoughts too. I remember one episode of de ja vous that happened in the 70s. The scene was so real and it repeated as if I was in a dream with no power to stop it. Where do these things come from?

  6. Sometimes it does feel that I have been through this - sometimes it's through thoughts or in dreams. How, when, where it comes from? No clue!

  7. Interesting questions, Suzy. I've had some deja vu experiences before and found them a bit eerie. Dreams? Imagination? Who knows!

  8. I'm not sure I believe in alternative Universes, Suzy, but deja vu is something that happens to me quite often. Leaves you with an eerie feeling!

  9. Such thoughts are very empowering and we do have the feeling that we've been to such places before. Deja-Vu is a feeling that brings a chill down the spine:)

  10. It has happened with me on several occasions and when i try to ponder over it ... i receive no answers. It definitely gives a chill down the spine as rightly mentioned by Vishal bheeroo.

  11. Yes, I've certainly experienced deja vu, Suzy; I heard it explained one time as a sort of "brain burp." A connection disengages for a micro-second making you think that what you are seeing is a memory instead of regarding it for the first time. Don't know if that's true or not, but the experience can be an eerie one!


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