Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A to Z Reflections 2015

The A to Z Challenge is great fun. Hard work but great fun. This year I was a little better organised than the 2 years before even though my theme was not an easy one. And thank goodness for the Sunday "holiday" that allowed me to do some catching up on reading and writing.

What I enjoyed most was:
  • the camaraderie between bloggers 
  • discovering some new blogs
  • writing posts consisting of poetry and prose
  • writing on my "love is in the air" theme  - my interpretation of the Ramayana one of the great epics of India
  • participating in the Blog-A-Rhythm theme
  • that I was unable to visit some more new blogs
  • that I was unable to reply to comments left on my posts
  • that my visits to some blogs dwindled towards the end 
What worked well for me:
  • joining blogging groups on facebook - the daily linkups were very handy in keeping track of blogs
  • picking some new bloggers and visiting as many of their posts as I could
  • writing on a theme
  • scheduling posts early - a lot of them anyway.
  • keeping posts short but not too short that they lose context

Thanks to everyone who dropped by my posts and encouraged and supported me through this challenge. Thanks to Arlee Bird who is the mastermind behind this challenge.

Some of the blogs I enjoyed:
There were so many wonderful themes and posts but too many to list.  If you missed the challenge, you can still catch up on the blogs at AtoZChallenge.

Love was in the air and I hope those who dropped by my posts enjoyed My Ramayana from A to Z.

Will look forward to the A to Z 2016.

Links to all my Ramayana posts

Warm Regards

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  1. Your posts were lovely Suzy and well done on completing it! I also dwindled a bit towards the end as I was busy constructing mine that were not completed let alone pre-scheduled!

    That was so kind of you thank you to mention my posts!

  2. Sounds like you had another great run with the A-Z. Congratulations! I opted out of the challenge this year and welcomed the rest. ♥

  3. Sounds like you had another great run with the A-Z. Congratulations! I opted out of the challenge this year and welcomed the rest. ♥

  4. Well, I was one of the bloggers who enjoyed your Ramayan. Look forward to more wonderful blog posts from you!

  5. You were amazing doing all those in depth posts and poetry based on that epic tale about Ramayana, Suzy. I must try to get caught up on your posts and apologize for being so slow. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your list here. Very kind of you. Another enjoyable challenge

  6. Just now getting around to visiting the blogs in the challenge. April was a busy month for me. Congrats on completing the A to Z Challenge! Looking forward to next year! See you on the Road Trip!



  7. Hello there.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge! Thanks for visiting me along the way. I'm popping over again today from the Road Trip/Reflections linky.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess


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