Monday, September 15, 2014

Your Soul Inspires

Write from the soul, not from some notion about what you think the marketplace wants. The market is fickle; the soul is eternal’. 
~ Jeffrey Carver

Write from your soul so you write from your true authentic self. And being authentic is believable.

Write from your soul so when the human mind wavers, it will remain steadfast, constant and in alignment with your life purpose.

Write from your soul and worry not if it pleases others or not for you can't please all. And those who resonate with your words are aligned with your path.

Write from your soul for it is a source of infinite higher wisdom that guides you to be your best.

Write from your soul for when you do, you inspire others.

Written for: The Write Tribe

Inspire someone today with a soul guided write.

Warm Regards

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  1. Yes true, Only when we write from our sould can we actually reach the reader's heart.

    Whispers in the Wind (

  2. Loved what you have written here. Completely agree. Even though people make lots of money writing what the market wants, I believe books that stand the test of time are written from the soul. Excellent post!!

  3. Exactly the reason why only certain blog posts touches our hearts. Especially the honest, personal posts coming straight from the soul.

  4. Exactly...because soulful writings have inspired many since ages, and the main important thing is that the writer feels satisfied from inside....
    lovely take on the prompt...

  5. Soulful writings are ones that touches the readers the most. I love posts written straight from the heart.

  6. Your words are always uplifting and comes from the soul. What a perfect and apt description of what writing is all about!

  7. Writing from the soul is ok when its thinking with the heart no?


  8. So true Suzy..We should bare our soul and write and that feeling is unparalleled truly!

  9. When we write that way, we are blessed. And our readers, in turn, are blessed too.

  10. That's lovely, Suzy both the rhythm of the words and the meaning. So true about writing from the soul. It's the only writing that is truly meaningful. Love the wisdom in your writing, Suzy. I can tell you write from your soul for sure.

  11. Only when you write from the soul do you really touch people's lives. Very true Suzy.

  12. "Write from your soul for when you do, you inspire others." True words. Loved this post.


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