Thursday, March 21, 2013

Introducing my Poetry blog

I've always wanted to start a poetry blog as I've been writing poems for a few years now.

Most of my poems come to me in dreams or in sudden flashes of inspiration.

These are the poems of my soul.

When writing or thinking of my poetry, the words of this song always come to mind for they ring true for me:

I am a truthful man from the land of the palm trees. 
And before dying, I want to share these poems of my soul.

My poems are soft green. 
My poems are also flaming crimson. 
My poems are like a wounded fawn seeking refuge in the forest. 

The last verse says:'Con los pobres de la tierra'. 
With the poor people of this earth I want to share my fate. 
For the streams of the mountains please me more than the sea.

Please check out my new blog Reflections of my soul. Thanks.

And enjoy the song Guantanamera

Have an awesome day

Warm Regards


  1. Sweet and powerful words my friend. Never hide your talent. Nice post today!!

    1. Thanks Andy for your kind words and encouragement.


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