Friday, April 20, 2012

ABC Wednesday - Round 10 - N is for ...

NEVER on Sunday
Thought I would make this post different and post versions of the same song rather than various songs. So I chose "Never on Sunday", the theme song of the movie with the same name.

Never on a Sunday - Connie Francis
I chose Connie's version as this was the one I first heard many moons ago when I was little. My mother had a record, the old LP, of Connie Francis and this song was often played.

Youtube - Never on Sunday - Connie Francis

Ta pedia tou Pirea - Melina Mercouri
And here is the version from the movie "Never on Sunday"

Youtube - Melina Mercouri

2004 Athens Olympics

And it was even sung at the Athens Olympics so I assume it must be popular in Greece.
I remember watching this live on TV.

Youtube - 2004 Athens Olympics

And finally a fun one sung by Miss Piggy - 

the opening number of episode 309.

Enjoy your day and check out some other N entries at ABC Wednesday

Warm Regards


  1. Good idea for the letter N. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

  2. This is a NIFTY way to the topic! I like the pig, myself.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Thanks Carver and Roger. Miss Piggy did a good job of the song.


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