Thursday, January 5, 2012

ABC Wednesday Y is for ....

You've got mail  - my favourite movie

Your song by Elton John - one of my favourite songs.

Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister - TV shows I've enjoyed watching

Yellowstone National Park - a place I want to visit.

Yonkers - a place I've visited many times.

Yangtse Kiang -  a river I would like to see.

Yul Brynner - an actor whose movies I enjoyed watching in particular The King and I  and The Magnificent Seven

Yoghurt cucumber raita - a food I love eating - yum

Yak - an animal I would like to see.

Yellow - a colour I think is very cheerful

Yoga - a practice I endeavour to do daily

Yeehaa - my Y post is done.

Wishing you all a Yin-Yang (balanced) day

Warm Regards


  1. Very cleverly done!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Neato!! My favorite Yul Brenner movie is still Westworld! HUGZZZ!!!!!!!


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